La Maison de la Vanille, founded in 1996, was the idea of a passionate man, œnologist and perfume creator, Aldo Bielli. Frequently solicited by major brands in the perfume and cosmetics industries, he decided to dedicate his talent to his own perfume house.

Perpetuating the philosophy of its creator, the olfactory designers of la Maison de la Vanille invent fragrances and products which set the tone and inspire new ideas.


Created for all women who appreciate the magic that imbues chance encounters, our perfumes are inspired by impressions of voyages and elaborated in aromatic compositions.

Our Vanillas of the World bring together perfumed blends and scents comprising powdery, floral, fruity and woody accents with different vanilla notes. Always sensual, these faraway essences mixed with mischievous, subtle and heady blends each have a history which speaks of pleasure and mystery.


A true institution in our Perfume House, our bottle is elegant, heavy and soft. Styled with a wenge wood stopper, it is made of thick glass with a metallic silver or gold coating to preserve the integrality of the vanilla. From Pompona and Tahitensis to Planifolia, vanilla varieties are both unique and multiple, rich with more than 150 molecules which must be protected.




La Maison de la Vanille candles come from one of the oldest wax manufacturers in France, official supplier to the court in 1687. Their composition consists of a combination of waxes: beeswax, mineral and soya wax, which enables them to burn for longer and allows us to reproduce our perfumes to the best of our ability.


La Maison de la Vanille places the utmost importance on the quality of its products. Our perfume compositions are created in Grasse, the birthplace of high perfumery. Maceration and bottling of our fragrances take place in the same region. Our cosmetic products are also manufactured in the South of France, and because Tuscany is also a region at the heart of our House, cases are printed in the green hills where the Italian vines grow.